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                                      All Stainless Steel and Aluminium work carried out




   PeninsulaMetalCraft.Com has been created for giving information about our skills and services to you the customer. 

This web site will endeavor to inform you who we are and what we do.

I hope it will help you plan a work schedule and learn about material you want to use.

  I have been involved in Metal Fabrication and most types of welding since I was sixteen years old. 

My goal is to provide a service that will assist a customer in a great many ways and become the preferred Welder / Fabricator for all in the Peninsula area...and beyond

 Firstly, the need to satisfy yourself that the people you hire are competent  and will do what they say.  

I have included some details about myself to help you with this.

Also it goes without saying you may email me to clarify information , or if urgent call me .

Clear answers , simple yes or noes and getting on with the job is my promise.



                                       Below are some facts about myself and  my experience



        In my earlier years in Sydney I worked as a Contract Employee for A Labour Hire company. 

                  In 2008  to 2012  I was hired by a major company on contract in Melbourne .

In this position I was hired as leading hand boilermaker/ mig, tig and arc low hydrogen welder working maintenance on trams. I was tig and mig welding aluminium plate (2 to 35mm) and arc welding mild steel for the MOD COM project for trams and modification of the tram bogies.

All welds were x-ray/ultrasound and dye penetrant tested which had to be within 1mm tolerance .

  My work involved the following :


•  Leading hand

•  Reading and interpreting drawings

•  Mig welding Aluminium

•  Mig welding mild steel

•  Tig welding aluminium

•  Low hydrogen welding

•  Polishing and grindin

Sydney , Australia


Hired as a leading hand. Contracting, undertaking the role of mig,tig ,arc(mmaw) welder and general fabricating.

I was working on navy ships in garden Island,Sydney and Forgacs,Newcastle welding aluminium plate 2mm to 20mm, some low hydrogen pipe welding, aluminium pipe welding reinforcing the ship’s mast and arc welded ballistic plates 15mm and arc air gouging.

The position involved the following,


•  Mig welding Aluminium

•  Arc welding of mild steel

•  Tig welding aluminium

•  Arc air gouging

•  Plasma cutting shell plates

•  Folding sheet metal with brake press .

•  Reading and interpreting drawings

I look forward to your enquiries and working with you .











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